Group 36514

Foster innovation from within

Rally your team around important challenges and build momentum towards tangible results with IDEO U Sprints!


Start building creative, collaborative teams today

Discover breakthrough solutions
to your complex challenges

Group 36519

IDEO U Sprints, based on IDEO’s approach to innovation, combines collaborative work sessions with focused coaching moments to help your team tackle their toughest challenges.

Your team will:


Learn and practice creative problem-solving.

Frame challenges, explore new ideas, and align around decisions.


Unlock better ways of collaborating.

Transform the way your team thinks and works together.


Make new ideas actionable. Fast.

Navigate uncertainty through iteration and experimentation.

Are old ways of thinking and working
leaving your team feeling stuck?



Get Unstuck

By the end of Get Unstuck, your team will discover:
+ Fresh ideas and inspiration
+ Articulated assumptions to test possible solutions
+ Increased clarity & alignment on cross-functional projects

Start building creative, collaborative teams today